AUXINI,S.A., is an Andorran limited company founded in 1.994 and is totally owned and operated by the Llucià family.

AUXINI,S.A. with continuous growth over the years has obtained a noted prestige as a CONSTRUCTION COMPANY that fulfills the set terms and budget estimates as well as finishes the work with a high level of client satisfaction.

The basic characteristics of AUXINI,S.A is the reliability of the company, the proximity of the client to the management with the purpose of collaborating effectively in order to obtain the objective, being a work of maximum quality at a minimum cost, with technical perfection and fulfillment of deadlines. The professional technical management and the clients feel comfortable working with AUXINI,S.A. The client who has a contract with AUXINI,S.A. for the first time will be sure to repeat it through the years.

This characteristic has enabled AUXINI,S.A. to grow and become among the more respectable Andorran companies in quality and solvency, with an efficient organization and a dynamic management.

The capacity and professionalism of its human resources allow AUXINI,S.A. to encompass a wide range of construction projects such as civil work in construction and rehabilitation. Part of the team has participated abroad in particular projects such as the Ascó Nuclear Power Plant, a Soccer Stadium in Catalonia, a Water Purification Station for 700.000 inhabitants and a Industrial Complex in Algèria, the Kenitra-Rabat Freeway, the Marine Recreation Port in Morocco,etc…

AUXINI,S.A. brings together the best of the small family-owned company(proximity, confidence, customized treatment and meticulousness for the most demanding clients) and the best of the large companies (technical and economic capacity as well as an efficient infrastructure with international experience).

Since 2.007, AUXINI,S.A. maintains a contract with PIRINEUPAYMA in order to controll the entire security and health measures necessary in all of their current work.

The business solvency of AUXINI,S.A. is complemented with constant renovation to improve, maintaining the motivation of the human resources of the company with enthusiasm, energy, dedication, service and collaboration. The result of this extraordinary team is that AUXINI,S.A. is a company with a positive present and an open future.

C/Prat de la Creu, núm. 85, planta primera – AD500 ANDORRA LA VELLA – Tel. 868055 – Fax 862055 –