Life lines installation with height safety products to have the required protections for the maintenance works in elevated points, according with law 34/2008 of 18/12/08 of the Security and Health at Work.

Auxini,S.A. designs the life line and all height safety products for every building.
Auxini,S.A. , is certified as an enterprise that can install the life lines and height safety products:

- Safety cable life lines: SECUROPE®
- Safety rail life lines: SECURAIL®

    SOMAIN security
- Life lines: SECURIFIL®
- Anchor: SECURIFIX®
- Gateways / ladder: SECURITOIT®
- Railings: SECURILISSE®

Once installed we will show you the Operation Manual of the life lines with the compulsory personal protective equipment to be used by staff to access in the work area.

Regular inspections, usually annual, will be done to asses the conservation state of the life lines.

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