At present, the economic and social development is closely bond to the protection of the environment. This relationship is known as sustainable development. AUXINI,S.A is conscious of this reality and we want to assume our part of the responsibility concerning sustainable development.
For this purpose, we have set-up a “GUIDE OF RESPONSIBLE ENVIRONMENTAL PRACTICES” in order to specify a series of measures and recommendations to follow, to assure the correct management of the resources and residues present in our daily work whether it be in the office or work on construction sites carried out by our team as well as those subcontracted by AUXINI,S.A.
Through these measures:
-We prevent unnecessary contamination.
-We minimize the consumption of resources (water, wood, fuel, etc…)
-We appropriately dispose of all residues.
-We inform, implicate and motivate the staff in relationship to environmental conscientiousness.

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